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ABOUT ACPA — Profile

What we do


  • Provides advocacy and intelligence on issues that will impact on the competitiveness and business interests of the port industry;
  • Promotes and communicates the understanding of the prominent role that the port community plays in domestic and international trade;
  • Provides a forum for partnerships and alliances among its members;
  • Encourages environmental stewardship; and
  • Encourages ongoing professional development.

Main activities of the Association

  • Advocacy: An ongoing dialogue with government and the public on issues in the port community.
  • AGM and Conference: A comprehensive Annual General Meeting and Conference where reports by the Board of Directors and by various standing and ad hoc committees are presented; where papers are given by experts in the field of operations and port-related activities; and an excellent networking opportunity for all those doing business in the port community.
  • Committee Work: The many port-related research projects covered between annual meetings by the Association’s standing committees.
  • Government Relations: Position papers and resolutions on key transportation and marine issues of the day; and ongoing interaction with public policy decision-makes at all levels.
  • Special Seminars: Corporate Governance - Public Relations/Marketing - National Operations - Harbour Masters - Property Management - Port Management - Environmental Stewardship - Public Policy Development - AGM Conference.
  • Special Publications: ACPA Bulletins - Special Issues Reports - Membership Directory - Annual Committee Reports - Glossary of Terms for Maritime Shipping - ACPA Position Papers - Annual Canadian Ports Magazine - ACPA Website.


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